Krieger Hall Chronicles

Stephanie Narrow is the host and producer of the "Krieger Hall Chronicles," a podcast that brings together the scholars, historians, and public intellectuals affiliated with UC Irvine's History Department. Here, we discuss and reflect on the diverse range of issues and work within the historical profession. Listen to us on Soundcloud, and visit our website at sites.uci.edu/kriegerhallchronicles

Everyday Upheavals

Stephanie was the producer of “Tracing Everyday Upheavals in the Middle East,” a limited podcast series funded by the Universtiy of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI). This podcast results from a multi-campus project that departs from grand totalizing narratives of upheaval by unearthing intimate histories, complex presents, and imagined futures from across the Middle East. It's main research question is: What are the different stories and narratives of upheaval that we can derive from everyday life?

"Everyday Upheavals" features conversations between nine UC graduate students: Gehad Abaza, Banan Abdelrahman, Ingy Higazy, Mary Michael, Aida Mukharesh, Lalu Esra Ozban, Raed El Rafei, Salma Shash, Yasemin Taskin-Alp.


The PODpodcast explores the politics of display and the way that public murals (re)present history and market in future. Co-developed by Katerina Nemcova (Communication PhD student, the University of Arizona), Stephanie Narrow (History PhD student,  University of California, Irvine), and Christopher McGeorge (Art History PhD Candidate, the University of Southern California), PODpodcast unites our training in art history, public history, and public relations to explore the history and contemporary murals in San Diego. 

This podcast is the result of a week-long workshop supported by the National Humanities Center and San Diego State University’s Digital Humanities Center. Listen to us on on Soundcloud, and visit our website at http://murals.hcommons.org